Photo Gallery

View From Front Patio                                                View From Dining Room                                                View of Pool to Ocean

Casa Playa de Tortugas Front View                    Casa Playa de Tortugas Rear View                                Buildihng With Bedroom 7 and Exercise Room

Dining Room Toward Kitchen                            Dining Room Toward Entrance Etching                        Living Room

Bridge to Island                                                View From Ocean                                            Grass Area on Side of Pool

Kitchen Staff                                                        Guests by the Pool                                                    Guests in Lounge Area in Front of Pool

Bedroom Balcony View                                    Master Bedroom Jacuzzi                                             Bedroom 5

First Floor Lounge Area                                    Second Floor Lounge Area                                            Entrance Area

View From Bedroom 1                                        View From Bedroom 6                                            Cabanas Playa Blanca Beach Club

Casa Playa de Turtugas Bedroom1Casa Playa de Turtugas Bedroom2Casa Playa de Turtugas Bedroom3

Bedroom                                                            Bedroom                                                                Bedroom